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SAP HR Training

SAP Human Resources ( HR ) deals with managing people in the organization. The main modules of HR is the Payroll & Time Management module which deals with generating and managing payrolls and managing time for time-sensitive jobs.


What is Included in the SAP HR Training Package ?

  1. 45 hours of Full Fledged Remote, Live Instructor led SAP HR Training. (This is NOT a passive CBT type of course – It is a Live Instructor Led Course)
  2. Access to SAP HR Server 24 x 7 for the entire duration of the course
  3. One Month of HR functional support (After training, During the practice).
  4. Mock Interviews.
  5. Interview Tips.
  6. Resume Marketing

For SAP Training, Remote SAP Access or online SAP Access learn more by clicking on the links above.

(Week 1 ) Basic SAP GUI Navigation

Introduction to Org Management

  • Introduction To Org Management
  • Info types used in Org Management
  • Organizational Plan
  • Concept of Plan Version
  • Organizational Objects
  • Setting up Relationships
  • Setting up Organizational Structure
  • Organizing and Staffing Mode
  • Info type Maintenance – Expert Mode
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Evaluation Path
  • Personnel actions in OM
  • OM and PA Integration
  • Integration Reports
( Week 2  ) SAP HR Personnel Administration 
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Personnel Structure
  • Master Data Infotypes configuration
  • Maintenance of HR Master Data-Functions
  • Infotypes with explanation
  • Orientation to Features and Configuration
  • Configuration of Infogroups
  • Configuration of Info type Menus
  • Setting up Personnel Actions
  • Concept of Additional Actions
  • Concept of Dynamic Actions and configuration
  • Header Modification
  • Screen Modifications
( Week 3 ) – SAP HR Time Management 
  • Configuration of Holiday Calendars and Factory Calendars
  • Setting up Break Schedules
  • Configuration of Daily Work Schedules, Period Work Schedules
  • Setting up Work Schedule Rules
  • Exposure to Time Management Features
  • Configuration of Daily Work Schedule Variant
  • Setting up Day Types
  • Configuration of Day Type Selection Rule
  • Setting up Absence and Attendance Types
  • Configuration of Rounding Rules, Deduction Rules and Counting Rules
  • Setting up of Base Entitlement Rules and Generation Rules
  • Configuration of Selection Rules
  • Exposure to PSA and ESG Groupings in Time Management
  • Configuration of Absence and Attendance Quotas through report.
(Week 4 ) – SAP HR Benefits 
  • Introduction to Benefit Info types
  • Configuration of Benefit Areas
  • Setting up Benefit Providers
  • Plan Categories and setting up Plan Types Concept of Plan Status
  • Setting up Plan Criteria Groups
  • Configuration of Benefit Plans – Health, Insurance
  • Setting up Cost Variants and Cost Rules
  • Configuration of Coverage Variants and Coverage Rules
  • Benefit Adjustment Reasons
  • Setting up First Program and Second Program Groupings
  • Benefits integration with Payroll


( Week 5 ) – SAP HR Payroll & SAP HR US Payroll


  • Configuration of payroll Area and Control Record
  • Concept of retroactive Accounting
  • Payroll Organization Concepts and Configuration
  • Generation of Payroll Periods
  • Configuration of Pay Scale Structure
  • In depth orientation to PSA and ESG Groupings in Payroll
  • Wage Type Configuration
  • Indirect Evaluation Concepts
  • Configuration of IT0008, IT0014 and IT0015.
  • Payroll Execution and accessing Payroll Clusters

USA Payroll

  • Exposure to all US Specific Payroll Info types
  • Overview of BSI TUBS and taxation.
  • Overview on Processing Classes, Cumulations and Evaluations
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