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SAP QM Training ( Quality Management )

SAP Quality Management ( QM ) module handles the process of checking and managing quality through the course of the logistics cycle – manufacturing, returns, sales , inventory and service. This training covers user transactions and customization in Quality Management.

Additional Freebies – Along with the training we provide the following additional services.

  1. One Month of QM functional support (After training, During the practice).
  2. Mock Interviews.
  3. Interview Tips.
  4. Resume Marketing

Intended Audience – SAP Quality Management is intended for any of the following audience.

  1. Experienced Business Users who have been working as Quality Engineers/Managers in conventional industries.
  2. Experienced ABAP users who wish to get into the functional side of SAP.
  3. Less than 1 year of experience in SAP QM as a functional consultant.

Table of Contents

Basics of SAP , Quality Management (Week 1 )

Basic SAP GUI Navigation

  • Integration of Quality Management in the supply chain – process- related overview
    • QM in procurement and sales
    • QM in production
  • Insight into QM functions:
    • Quality Planning
    • Quality Inspection
    • Quality Certificate
    • Quality Notification
    • Quality Control
    • Audit Management
    • Test Equipment Management
  • Potential for introducing Quality Management in companies

Quality Planning and Inspection ( Week 2)

  • Managing QM-specific basic data
    • Sampling procedures
    • dynamic modification rules
    • master inspection characteristics
    • inspection methods
    • catalogs
    • coding
  • Inspection planning
    • Material specification
    • inspection plans,
    • engineering workbench,
    • engineering change management
  • Quality inspection process
    • Inspection lot processing
    • notification processing
    • defects recording
    • results recording
    • usage decision
  • Quality notification and SAP Business Workflow
  • Evaluation methods in QM
  • Reports and analyses based on inspection lots, inspection results, and notifications

Quality Management in Logistics ( Week 3 )

  • Inventory management with QM, inspection stock, and inspection lot
  • Goods receipt and goods issue inspection
  • Inspections of goods movements
  • Control of the procurement process
    • Vendor release, model processing
    • Model processing
    • Vendor’s QM system
  • Procurement documents and certificates on the Internet
  • Planning and creating quality certificates for outbound deliveries

Quality Management in Discreet Manufacturing (Week 4 )

  • Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes
  • Inspection point processing based on times or quantities
  • Use of SPC techniques
  • Inspection processing for repetitive manufacturing and external processing
  • Partial lot processing and incoming inspection from manufacturing
  • Test equipment management and integration with Enterprise Asset Management

Quality Management in the Process Industry ( Week 5 )

  • Basics of the classification system in connection with QM
  • Basics of batch management in connection with QM
  • Sample management
  • Integration of QM in the production process
    • Master recipe and QM
    • Process order and QM
    • PI sheet and QM
  • Basics of certificate processing
  • Batch monitoring using recurring inspections
  • QM-specific requirements in the process industry:
    • Digital signature
  • Electronic batch log

Quality Management in Sales & Distribution / Quality Certificates ( Week 6 )

  • Integration of QM in Sales & Distribution
  • Planning and creation of quality certificates for finished products including linking of materials from the production chain
  • Inspection processing during delivery
  • Inspection specifications from variant configuration
  • Customer complaints and returns
  • QDI electronic quality data exchange
  • Quality certificates on the Internet
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